Mass Spectrometry Services:

Helix Proteomics provides the following standard services for our customers.  Please contact us if you have special requirements other than services listed below.

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MudPITMudPIT (Multidimensional Protein Identification Technology) or multi-dimensional LC/MS/MS
MwtMolecular Weight Determination by Mass Spectrometry
ProteinIDProtein Identification By LC-MS/MS
ProteinProfilingProtein Profile Determination by Quantitative Mass Spectrometry
PTM-PPhosphorylation Site Determination By Mass Spectrometry


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  • Use LC-MS/MS for proteomics services, since 2008...
  • On 6/1/2008, Helix sponsored Golf for Life Golf Tournament For China Earthquake Victimes...more
  • Offer consulting services for database management since 1998...
  • Offer rapid diagnostic test technolgoy consulting since 1997...
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