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Helix Sceintific GUARANTEES Protein ID

Helix Proteomics provides analysis of proteins and peptides from biological samples by mass spectrometry. We are serving the needs of investigators from univeristies and other institutions while offering competitive prices.  We are currently accepting stained SDS gel bands/spots by coomassie, silver and sypro ruby for protein identification, and coomassie-stained gel for analysis of post-translational modifications (PTM) with microcapillary LC/MS/MS. Please see guidelines for sample submission for instructions on sample preparation. We utilize an LTQ-Orbitrap from Thermo Electron for high throughput analysis along with other mass spectrometers.  Helix has a range of 'Triple Quad', 'Q-TOF and 'Q-Trap' instruments available to cover a broad range of applications ranging from accrurate mass measurement and structural characterization of unkowns to trace-level quantitiative bioanalysis.

Current Available Services Include:

  • Protein Identification From Gel Band or Solution

  • Molecular Weight Analysis of Protein

  • Post Translational Modification of Protein

  • Special services available by contract

Sample Submision Form

For any special requirement for sample analysis, please contact us at

Helix Proteomics


Corporate News

  • Use LC-MS/MS for proteomics services, since 2008...
  • On 6/1/2008, Helix sponsored Golf for Life Golf Tournament For China Earthquake Victimes...more
  • Offer consulting services for database management since 1998...
  • Offer rapid diagnostic test technolgoy consulting since 1997...
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