In order to adopt fast modern technology improvement, Helix Scientific Group professionals are directly leadership of the management team members who are constantly advised by our Scientific Advisory Board.

1. Management Team:

Name: Hunter, Huang, PhD
Title: President
Department: CEO
Company: Helix Scientific Group, Inc.
City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Description: President and founder of Helix Scientific Group, Inc., Dr. Hunter Huang graduated from Wuhan University with BS in Analytical Chemistry in 1983. Dr. Huang has a PhD in Molecular Biology from Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry in 1988 in Shanghai, China. He had worked in academic research labs in the United States for six years. Dr. Hunter Huang was awarded an Individual National Service Resarch Award (NSRA) from NIH when he worked at Emory University during 1994 to 1996. After 1996, Dr. Huang decided to dedicate most of his efforts to technological innovation and development. He and several other scientists founded Helix Scientific Group. In 1997, Dr. Huang and the other partners funded a joint-venture company in Shanghai, China. The company specialized in rapid diagnoistic test kit development. For the last decade, Dr. Huang has been able to manage the company through rocky years and gradually earned an excellent reputation in the technology industry.

2. Scientific Advisory Board:

Name: Keqiang, Ye, PhD
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Pathology
Company: Emory University School of Medicine
City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Description: Associate Professor, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine. Dr. Ye has other Appointments/Positions at Emory University as Assistant Professor, Neurosceince Graduate Program and Assistant Professor, Pharmacology Graduate Program (MSP).

Name: Junmin, Peng, PhD
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Human Genetics
Company: Emroy University School of Medicine
City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Description: Assistant Professor, Department of Human Genetics, Director of CND Proteomics Core Facility

Name: Xi (Erick), Lin, PhD
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Otolaryngology & Cell Biology
Company: Emory University
City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Description: Associate Professor, Department of Otolaryngology & Cell Biology. President of Otogenetics Corporation

Corporate News

  • Use LC-MS/MS for proteomics services, since 2008...
  • On 6/1/2008, Helix sponsored Golf for Life Golf Tournament For China Earthquake Victimes...more
  • Offer consulting services for database management since 1998...
  • Offer rapid diagnostic test technolgoy consulting since 1997...
  • more

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